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  1. 2014-06-19Graph Transformations and Model-Driven Engineering (repost)
  2. 2014-06-19iOS UICollectionView: The Complete Guide (2nd Edition)
  3. 2014-06-19Learning iCloud Data Management: A Hands-on Guide to Structuring Data for iOS and OS X
  4. 2014-06-19Swift - Learn Apple's New Programming Language by Examples
  5. 2014-06-19Algorithms: Part I (4th Edition)
  6. 2016-10-20Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript
  7. 2017-04-27Agile Modeling with UML: Code Generation, Testing, Refactoring
  8. 2017-04-27Pro LINQ: Language Integrated Query in C# 2010
  9. 2017-04-28Professional ASP.NET 4 in C# and VB
  10. 2017-05-10Top 50 Python Interview Questions and Answers
  11. 2017-07-07Python for Finance, 2nd edition
  12. 2017-07-07QlikView for Developers
  13. 2017-07-09Excel 2007 VBA Programmer's Reference
  14. 2017-07-09Building Web Applications with Visual Studio 2017: Using .NET Core and Modern JavaScript Frameworks
  15. 2017-07-26Principles of Digital Image Processing: Core Algorithms
  16. 2017-08-23Test-Driven Development with Python: Obey the Testing Goat: Using Django, Selenium, and JavaScript, 2nd Edition
  17. 2017-09-16Software Development Rhythms: Harmonizing Agile Practices for Synergy
  18. 2017-09-16Practical and Efficient SAS Programming: The Insider's Guide
  19. 2017-09-20Tree-based Machine Learning Algorithms: Decision Trees, Random Forests, and Boosting
  20. 2017-09-22Drawing Programs: The Theory and Practice of Schematic Functional Programming
  21. 2017-09-22Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming
  22. 2017-09-26Python GUI Programming Cookbook
  23. 2017-09-29Test-Driven Machine Learning
  24. 2017-09-29ng-book 2: The Complete Book on Angular 4
  25. 2017-09-29Exploring Swift Playgrounds: The Fastest and Most Effective Way to Learn to Code and to Teach Others to Use Your Code
  26. 2017-09-29Mastering Azure Analytics
  27. 2017-09-29ArcGIS By Example
  28. 2017-10-09Introduction to Recursive Programming
  29. 2017-11-21Learning Concurrent Programming in Scala
  30. by Scott Mason , Chris Blackburn, Rory MacDonald / 2017-11-26Building High Performance Agile Teams
  31. by Pete Helgren / 2017-11-26Open Source Starter Guide for IBM i Developers
  32. by Bruce Johnson / 2017-11-27Professional Visual Studio 2017
  33. by Bor-Yuh Evan Chang / 2017-11-27Programming Languages and Systems; 15th Asian Symposium, APLAS 2017, Suzhou, China, November 27-29, 2017, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  34. by Deepak Sarda / 2017-11-28Python for the Busy Java Developer; The Language, Syntax, and Ecosystem
  35. by Charles Bell / 2017-11-28MicroPython for the Internet of Things; A Beginnera€?s Guide to Programming with Python on Microcontrollers
  36. by Sandeep Nagar / 2017-11-28Introduction to Octave; For Engineers and Scientists
  37. by Damian Wojslaw / 2017-11-28Introducing ZFS on Linux; Understand the Basics of Storage with ZFS
  38. by Paris Buttfield-Addison , Jon Manning,Tim Nugent / 2017-11-28Learning Swift; Building Apps for macOS, iOS, and Beyond
  39. by Bipin Joshi / 2017-12-01Beginning XML with C# 7; XML Processing and Data Access for C# Developers
  40. by Vikram Dhillon, David Metcalf, Max Hooper / 2017-12-01Blockchain Enabled Applications; Understand the Blockchain Ecosystem and How to Make it Work for You
  41. by Fu Cheng / 2017-12-02Exploring Java 9; Build Modularized Applications in Java
  42. by Joannah Nanjekye / 2017-12-12Python 2 and 3 Compatibility; With Six and Python-Future Libraries
  43. by Raju Kumar Mishra / 2017-12-15PySpark Recipes; A Problem-Solution Approach with PySpark2
  44. by Jim Blandy , Jason Orendorff / 2017-12-15Programming Rust; Fast, Safe Systems Development
  45. by Wyatt Newman / 2017-12-15A Systematic Approach to Learning Robot Programming with ROS
  46. by Max Kanat-Alexander / 2017-12-15Understanding Software; Max Kanat-Alexander on simplicity, coding, and how to suck less as a programmer
  47. by Kent D. Lee / 2017-12-15Foundations of Programming Languages (Undergraduate Topics in Computer Science)
  48. by Tinniam V Ganesh / 2017-12-15Practical Machine Learning with R and Python; Machine Learning in Stereo
  49. by PDF / 2018-02-26The Go Programming Language (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing Series)
  50. by EPUB / 2018-02-27Ruby Cookbook; Recipes for Object-Oriented Scripting
  51. by PDF, EPUB, MOBI / 2018-02-27Slack Hacks; Tips & Tools for Team Collaboration
  52. by PDF / 2018-03-01Programming the Intel Edison; Getting Started with Processing and Python
  53. by epub / 2018-03-01Programming Python; Powerful Object-Oriented Programming
  54. by EPUB / 2018-03-03Beginning KeystoneJS; A practical introduction to KeystoneJS using a real-world project
  55. by EPUB / 2018-03-03Modern Programming Made Easy; Using Java, Scala, Groovy, and JavaScript
  56. by pdf, epub / 2018-07-19jQuery; jQuery Tutorial for Beginners Learn in Simple and Easy ways
  57. by epub / 2018-07-26Pro Deep Learning with TensorFlow; A Mathematical Approach to Advanced Artificial Intelligence in Python
  58. 2018-08-14Writing A Compiler In Go
  59. 2018-08-16The Evolution of Conceptual Modeling; From a Historical Perspective towards the Future of Conceptual Modeling (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  60. 2018-08-23Sams Teach Yourself Regular Expressions in 10 Minutes
  61. by Mark L. Murphy / 2018-08-23The Busy Codera€?s Guide to Android Development Version 8.13
  62. by Neil Smyth / 2018-08-23iOS 11 App Development Essentials: Learn to Develop iOS 11 Apps with Xcode 9 and Swift 4
  63. by Eric Freeman / 2018-08-23Head First Learn to Code: A Learnera€?s Guide to Coding and Computational Thinking
  64. by Andrew Stellman, Jennifer Greene / 2018-08-23Head First Agile: A Brain-Friendly Guide to Agile Principles, Ideas, and Real-World Practices
  65. by Iqra Ali / 2018-08-23Asynchronous Programming in .NET Core [Video]
  66. by Cay S. Horstmann / 2018-08-24Core Java Volume I: Fundamentals, 11th Edition
  67. by Cay S. Horstmann / 2018-08-24Core Java Volume II: Advanced Features, 11th Edition
  68. by Y. Daniel Liang / 2018-08-24Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Comprehensive Version, Global Edition, 11th Edition
  69. by Jason Morris / 2018-08-28Hands-On Android UI Development
  70. by Lyza Danger Gardner / 2018-08-28JavaScript on Things: Hacking hardware for web developers
  71. by Mike van Drongelen, Adam Dennis / 2018-08-28Lean Mobile App Development
  72. by Abhishek Chanda / 2018-08-28Network Programming with Rust
  73. by Paul Johnson, Vesa Kaihlavirta / 2018-08-28Learning Rust
  74. by John Sharp / 2018-08-28Microsoft Visual C# Step by Step, 9th Edition
  75. by Y. Daniel Liang / 2018-08-28Introduction to Java Programming and Data Structures, Comprehensive Version, 11th Edition
  76. by Micael DaGraca, Greg Lukosek / 2018-08-28Learning C# 7 By Developing Games with Unity 2017, 3rd Edition
  77. by Mark Tielens Thomas / 2018-08-31React in Action
  78. by Dustin Metzgar / 2018-08-31.NET Core in Action
  79. by Christian Horsdal / 2018-08-31Microservices in .NET Core: with examples in Nancy
  80. by Andrew Lock / 2018-08-31ASP.NET Core in Action
  81. by Matt R. Cole / 2018-08-31Hands-On Machine Learning with C#
  82. by Matt R. Cole / 2018-08-31Hands-On Microservices with C#
  83. by Yoon Hyup Hwang / 2018-08-31C# Machine Learning Projects
  84. by Marc Garreau, Will Faurot / 2018-08-31Redux in Action
  85. by Jon Smith / 2018-08-31Entity Framework Core in Action
  86. by Rambabu Posa / 2018-09-04Scala Reactive Programming
  87. by Mads Hartmann, Ruslan Shevchenko / 2018-09-04Professional Scala
  88. by Mehul Mohan, Narayan Prusty / 2018-09-04Learn ECMAScript, 2nd Edition
  89. by Ross Harrison / 2018-09-04ECMAScript Cookbook
  90. by Stefan Bjornander / 2018-09-04C 17 By Example
  91. by Naomi Ceder / 2018-09-04The Quick Python Book, 3rd Edition
  92. by Reto Meier, Ian Lake / 2018-09-05Professional Android, 4th Edition
  93. by Ilango Gurusamy / 2018-09-05Modern Scala Projects
  94. by Vikash Sharma / 2018-09-05Learning Scala Programming
  95. 2018-09-05Learning Swift; Building Apps for macOS, iOS, and Beyond
  96. by Mohamed Shazin Sadakath / 2018-09-07Spring Boot 2.0 Projects
  97. 2018-09-07iOS 11 Programming Fundamentals with Swift; Swift, Xcode, and Cocoa Basics
  98. 2018-09-07Introducing GitHub; A Non-Technical Guide
  99. by Alex Antonov / 2018-09-07Spring Boot 2.0 Cookbook, 2nd Edition
  100. by Claudio Eduardo de Oliveira / 2018-09-07Spring 5.0 By Example


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